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Das Lakshan Parva  is a festival of ten virtues observed by all digambar Jains in 10 days (This year from September 18, 2015 to September 27, 2015). During these 10 days they strictly observe the following; 10 dharma as written in Tattvarthdhigama Sutra ch. IX, sloka 6 by Acharya Umaswami

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Saurabh Jain

DasLakshan Parv day 7- Uttam Tap Dharma -- उत्तम तप धर्म (Penance or Austerities) - To practice austerities putting a check on all worldly allurements.



तप चाहें सुरराय, करम-शिखर को वज्र है ।
द्वादशविधि सुखदाय, क्यों न करै निज सकति सम ॥
उत्तम तप सबमाहिं बखाना, करम शैल को वज्र-समाना ।
बस्यो अनादि-निगोद मन्झारा, भू-विकलत्रय-पशु-तन धारा ।
धारा मनुज तन महादुर्लभ, सुकुल आयु निरोगता ।
श्रीजैनवानी तत्वग्यानी, भई विषय-पयोगता ।।
अति महादुर्लभ त्याग विषय, कषाय जो तप आदरैं ।
नर-भव अनूपम कनक घर पर मणिमयी कलसा धरैं ॥

Even the king of Devtaas wish to achieve supreme austerity as it is like a Vajraa (a weapon) to break the mountain of the Karma. This supreme Austerity has twelve types. And since this Austerity brings uncomparable happiness to life then why shouldn’t we all practise and achieve this supreme austerity.
In all the works Tap(Austerity) has been called the best as it acts like a weapon which could demolish even the mountain of Karma.
In the beginning we were in the Nigoda and faced lot of pains, somehow we got through it and took birth in 2,3,4 sensed body and also among 5 sensed animals. After going thorugh all the pains and suffering in all these bodies by great luck we have got birth in the human body which is extremely rare. We have also got good society and long life as well as good health. Apart from all these we have found the extremely important thing in form of Jinvaani (Holy books) and also the capability to understand them. We also by fortune have the interest to understand the reality.
If we could leave all the raag, vishay and kashaay and achieve the supreme austerity, it would be like putting a crown of diamond over the golden house !!


Happy Uttam Tap Dharma !!

Saurabh Jain

Dasakshan Parv Day 4- Uttam Shauch Dharma -- उत्तम शौच धर्म (Contentment or Purity) - To keep the body, mind and speech pure by discarding greed.


Accoding greed and abstaining from possessive longing is called Shauch or purity of thought. The longings that should be got rid off are of 4 different kinds. They are:
  1. Jivana Lobha – longing to sustain one’s living.
  2. Aroygaya Lobha – longing to sustain one’s health.
  3.Upabhoga Lobha longing to enjoy things, which will be useful to contribute to general happiness.
Each objects will be of two kinds; one pertaining to the self and the one pertains to others. Getting rid of these 8 different types of longing is called Shauch or purity.


Happy Uttam Shauch Dharma !!

Saurabh Jain

DasLaskhan Parava - Day 3 - Uttam Aarjava Dharma --- उत्तम आर्जव धर्म (Straight-forwardness or Honesty) - To practice a deceit-free conduct in life by vanquishing the passion of deception.

Aarjava means straightforwardness in conduct. One’s own conduct may be crooked. His bodily action, speech and mind may be lacking in straightforwardness. Avoiding this crookedness in thought, word and deed, is called Aarjavam or uprightness in conduct

Happy Uttam Aarjava Dharma !!!

Saurabh Jain

DasLakshan Parv day 2 Uttam Mardava Dharma -- उत्तम मार्दव धर्म (Tenderness or Humility) - To observe the virtue of humility subduing vanity and passions.

Mardava: This refers to the complete absence of self-conceit. Such self-conceit or pride may be due to one’s own superior caste, one’s family prestige, one’s own bodily beauty, learining, wealth, courage and bodily strength. Due to these various reasons, a person may entertain the feeling of self-importance and pride. Whenever a man with such pride is insulted by other persons, he may lose his temper and start abusing with disrespectful words or conduct. Even an ascetic may get offended and lose his control of mind in such circumstances. But he will become a victim of pride and self-conceit. Complete avoidance of this feeling of pride is called Mardhavam or humility.


Happy Uttam Mardava Dharma !!

Saurabh Jain

DasLakshan Parv day 1- • Uttam Kshama Dharma -- उत्तम क्षमा धर्मं (Supreme Forgiveness) - To observe tolerance whole-heartedly, shunning anger.


In the life of an ascetic, he may find himself in circumstances, likely to arouse his wrath. Inspite of such provocation, he must avoid emotional disturbance and maintain peace of mind. This maintaining patience in the midst of provocation is called Kashama or forbearance. Provocation circumstances may occur in this way. Homeless saint must his body for the achievement of his spiritual goal. For this, he must obtain food from the householders. Therefore he must come out of his solitude and enter a town or a village where he may get food. He may have to pass through streets where he may come across with an unsympathetic crowd. At the sight of an ascetic, the mischievous crowd may indulge in ridicule and abuse. They may even assault him. In spite of all these insults and ill treatment, the saint should not exhibit any unfavorable reaction. He should maintain patience. He should consider all these insults and ill treatment as a result of ignorance. With the nobility of thought, he should forgive the mischief-makers. Such a mental attitude of the saint is called the noble forbearance or Uttama Kshama.


Happy Uttam Kshama Dharma !!!! 

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